Workshop Schedule

  • 11:00am-3:00pm – 4-hour Workshop with take-home Rescue Tour Workbook filled with actionable items, presentation materials and more
  • 3:00pm-3:30pm – Networking
  • 3:30pm – Trolley Transportation from Theater to Brew House
  • 3:30pm-5:30pm – Complimentary Cocktail Reception & Tour in the outdoor Biergarten, with Brewery Tour introducing you to a variety of beer styles, ingredients, proper pouring techniques, and food-pairing suggestions

Topics of discussion will include:

I. Success Dynamics

Jon Taffer will lead off the seminar with his proven principles, tools and tactics that will boost your business. Through examining case studies of failing bars and excerpts from “Bar Rescue” Taffer will set the stage for taking a step back and looking at your bar, restaurant or nightclub with a critical eye ultimately changing the way you think about your business.

II.  Changing Your Objectives and Your Future

Utilizing what Taffer terms “bar sciences” you will be provided actionable ideas with set objectives and proven solutions that will change the way you manage, operate and promote your business. From diagnosing problems and potential issues to creating new business goals to enhance your venue, these proven Reaction Management™ tactics can make your business thrive by applying them to your bar, food and marketing programs.

III. Building Guest Experience with Human Resource Dynamics

You might have a clear vision on how you want the experience in your venue to be but getting there through your staff can be difficult. Therefore you need to ask yourself some simple questions. What are you looking for when hiring new staff? Are you training or teaching? Where do I invest my time when it comes to HR? Taffer will answer all of these questions for you and more. He will focus on the tips and strategies to effectively hire, train, reward and when to retain the right people to move your guest experience to new levels and ultimately drive sales.

IV. Effective Marketing Dynamics

With your objectives in place how do you get the word out and generate positive buzz? You need attention getting, personality driven, exciting marketing programs that bring your operation to the top of your market’s mind. Taffer will provide strategic tactics to developing a great marketing plan that will not only put butts in the seats but keep them coming back for more. You will walk away with new insight and strategies.

V. Managing and Tracking Social Media ROI

If you are not actively using social media as part of your overall marketing plan then you are losing precious business to your competitors who already have a presence. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter have leveled the playing field for small businesses. It’s less about spending all your time and money and more about fully engaging with your customers; making it easy for them to tell others. Proper social media strategies are imperative for survival in the increasingly digital world. It’s time to find out how to lead the way in order to amplify your brand and gain new customers from “Bar Rescue” social media consultant, Ron Cates.  Let’s pick apart what works, what doesn’t and why in order to make the best impression and gain social ROI.

VI. Menu Development and Management

Your menu is your primary means of representation for your bar food program. It needs to create an impression that gets diners excited to order the “best burger in town” and come back for more. In order to make the best impression and maximize sales, Taffer takes a comprehensive look at food program objectives, price point, signature item opportunities, menu engineering, design and balancing, and new menu roll-outs are laid out on the table during this session.

VII. Beverage Development and Management

Good cocktails are important to the success of a restaurant, bar, or nightclub; however proper bar management strategies are imperative for survival. Taffer will explain in detail how your bar can become a money machine by eliminating the slightest glitches that pour dollars down the drain. From developing a highly profitable bar program with incentives and sales programs to promoting drinks and products within the four wall strategy this session is a crash course in elevating bar sciences and applying management principles to maximize profits.

VIII. Managing for Environmental Reactions

If you didn’t already know that environmental reactions can make or break a business then you better get up to speed and quickly. Everything from sound, lighting, flow and pricing make a huge difference on the clientele that will or won’t come through the door. Environmental factors go hand in hand with your promotional tactics. You need to embrace your theme and environment and then promote it accurately. Taffer will address this and by uncovering the best of the best in moneymaking promotions, this session will pull out all the stops on fresh ideas that have become priceless commodities.

IX. Reflection and Recap

You’re ready to go. You have organized and redeveloped your beverage and food programs, marketing and human resources utilizing reaction management techniques and bar sciences but now what do you do? Taffer will close the seminar by taking you through the simple steps to remember once you return to your venue that will inevitably increase patronage, length of stay and spending. Ultimately, you will generate high longer term profits for you and your business.